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Habe die Ehre!

At midwinter 2013, the Heizzer formed – only with the relief of pure energy – the band Lichtgestalt. Inspired by the same frequency, the fantastic Mr. Hertz found his way into the light. With Brukke, the perfect rhythm generator with his powerful high voltage drum performance joined the party. The perfect bass engineer was found soon in person of Lippmann. To find the right balance to his riffs, the Heizzer needed a sound architect – this position could only be occupied by the infinite blackness of vanElshoff.

The Lichtgestalt was born. She is the melting pot for old & new, for light & dark and the power of the sounds & lyrics. The founding of this alloy consists of the only, the true steam which means everything to us.

We stand in for the richness of the universe in all it's colours and shapes - except of brown - because we do not have shit for brains.

Brought together already in their previous lives, the companions now are united again – be curious about it!